Dissolving the Crowd Before Us

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Dissolving the Crowd Before Us

Inlokality – Dissolving the Crowd Before Us


When we set out to design Inlokality, we didn’t want to just make another social media platform. We already knew that a variety of apps were at our disposal where we could post pictures of our food, share our new shoes, and comment on our neighbor’s latest posted news. Instead, we wanted to create an app that really helps connect people in real life, simply using the technology at our fingertips.


Our first mission was to take our concept to the people. We wanted to see if Inlokality made sense.


Inlokality On the Road

We packed up the truck and started working at home shows. Imagine us, sitting at a booth next to manufactured spoons and saw cutters, with no product and no service. We were sitting there with an idea – a dream. We talked to tens of thousands of people, asking them what they thought of the idea. Many came by and grabbed some of our free candy; others decided to stick around and pick our brains.


A special day came during our series of booth shows, as my wife was handing out t-shirts and candy to the nearby kids. My cousin was helping the kids spin our wheel to win a prize, and I was sitting back admiring the operation we had at hand. A gentleman slowly walked through the crowd over to me and quietly asked, “If I am out of town, can I use this to speak with a pastor?”

The entire crowd dissolved from my view.

I knew right then: this is what Inlokality could become. No matter your religious opinions or affiliations, we all have moments similar to this. These are not social moments. We don’t need to post it on social, looking for those likes, or publicly take it to a job board. This was something deeper, something more meaningful than that.


He wanted to use Inlokality to have a private conversation with a member of the community, leveraging their skills in his time of need. And with our new app, he most certainly can.


That’s why we created Inlokality.


When you sign up with our app, you are joining a community of individuals looking to connect with other people, bettering those around us with our unique skill-sets. You are joining a community of people that are ready to give back.


I want to close this newsletter by thanking all of the individuals that already give back to the community, like the firefighters, veterans, nurses, and police officers putting their lives on the line every single day. Your sacrifices lower our individual burdens. For that, we are eternally grateful.


Randall Sander



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