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The 8-5

Inlokality – A Soldiers Story

For most people work is an 8-5 M-F event. We go to work and every evening we come home, walk through the door, and complain about the day’s stress. Easily overlooking the many jobs where signing up for a paycheck means never being able to pass a doorway large enough to forget the job. The job becomes a part of you, as you create bonds with your coworkers that last your entire life. Much like a hidden story that only those who were there ever truly understand.


I was lucky enough on a recent stop to hear one man’s such story. The story of a soldier’s return. Sometimes your deployment changes your life, and in this case, it did. When he returned, he knew he had to continue to serve. So, he formed a small group of veterans with a shared understanding. They train support dogs, travel to local hospitals, and strive to brighten a fellow veteran’s day as they passed through the hospital system.


a soldier's return.

When he heard our mission, he immediately wanted to use our application to connect to more veterans and expand his helping ability. By signing up veterans with the skill of a “veteran” he would be able to enter any town, create a single post, and immediately reach people on the outskirts. It wasn’t friending, nor searching, but simply reaching another person with a shared story in the same town.


While most spend their weekends releasing the stresses of the week, he never stopped thinking of his fellow soldiers.


Whether we signed up for a membership or life pushed us into a fellowship, being part of something bigger means having shared experiences that last a lifetime. Those who have never met hold an unspoken understanding and lean on that connection to raise each other up. A job is simply a skill, a location, and a desire to help, but some become part of our fabric forever.


I don’t know where that soldier is now, but as we grow I hope one day he sees us again and is able to say we made a small difference – by helping him make a difference.


We are not all heroes, but we can support those that are.


We are in this together,

Randall Sander



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