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Labels. It’s hard to deny that us humans love our labels. I understand why we do: it makes things easier. Labels help us quickly understand our world with little effort. We label everything we can, allowing us to make snap decisions and judgments. Our pets have breeds, our houses have addresses, and our streets have signs to help us safely drive. People have countless labels, friend/enemy, male/female, religion, race, boss/employee, democrat/republican, rich/poor, and every other labeling word out there that brings an instant judgment.


Inlokality is not immune. I always encounter the question, what is its purpose? Is it to find a job, search for help, ask a neighbor for a reference, ask a favor, or maybe find a friend? I have even heard Inlokality described as an application tied to a dog, allowing us to find our pet when they run off. Without a label, people struggle and question. There are too many options and outcomes for our brains to process quickly and effectively.


I like to imagine Alexander Graham Bell developing the telephone and announcing to the world, 'his will be used to find your lost pet!' or Henry Ford advertising the car as a means to 'get your groceries.'



Of course, we all now understand a phone is simply for calling and a car is simply for driving, but they don’t tell us who to call or where to drive. Rather, they only tell us how to use the new tool that’s been developed. It’s up to our interpretation when we acquire the tool. Since its invention, the car has brought us freedom and the phone has brought us both our loved ones when we need them and 911 when our greatest fears are realized. It’s on us to decide the “what” with these tools…


  • Helping a coach stay in touch with both fans, and team in real-time.
  • Helping a real estate agent close the deal when a problem arises at the last minute.
  • Helping a recovering addict find a sympathetic ear during a troubling time.
  • Helping a homeowner find a plumber when the bathroom is overflowing.
  • Helping neighbors interact with their community.




Inlokality is simply a tool; a resource that will enable you to live an easier, more fruitful life. It is up to you to decide the how. But if I must impart one word to label what Inlokality truly is, I would have to say: LIFE.


Now I ask you to help us expand our mission by inviting your family and friends to our growing network, because we are only as powerful as the size of our community.


Randall Sander


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