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Tech Company News Interviews Randall Sander

TechCompanyNews Interview with Randall  Sander

Randall Sander, CEO of Inlokality, was recently interviewed by TechCompanyNews.

Here is an excerpt or you can read entire article on TCN website.


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Inlokality?


A: Inlokality was created following the 2017 hurricane season. During every major American disaster, it is amazing to watch Americans from across the country drop everything and help others in need. Our shared connection to the people around us and the desire to help those in need is one of our greatest attributes. As I watched, I could not help but ask why there wasn’t a technology that could directly connect two local individuals based on any needed skillset, without searching for names, email addresses, phone numbers, internet searches, website forms, references or friends’ lists. The internet has connected the world but has done little to connect us to the person just four houses away. Inlokality was built to change that.


Q: Are you just another social media platform?


A: We are asked this question more than any other question. We actually are not social media. We do not have ads, we do not sell member’s private information, and the connections we make are personal rather than broadcast to the public. We are closer to a community member-to-member email service. The Inlokality community application is a free service that connects members based on a common interest or requested background to people in their area. We remove the need to search altogether. We have had people connect directly to pastors in times of need, veteran support groups connect to other veterans as they travel, and parents connect to tutors. People find local support from other community members in everything from sports to accounting. Our members select what they want to share based on what is important to them, both skills and interests. Then we send them messages when a member of their community requests that specific skill or interests. This could be as often as once per week, or as rare as once per year. Our members sign up with the desire to support their community.


We are in this together!


Read entire article on TCN website.

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