The Team


Chief Executive Officer

Randall Sander is the Founder and CEO of Inlokality. It is his mission to leverage the power of the internet to connect people when and where it is needed. Believing that the Internet has connected us to the world, Sander stresses that is has done little to connect us to those just a mile away.

Having lived in more than 35 communities and worked/traveled extensively throughout North America, he has seen firsthand the struggles everyday people go through to connect in a digital world. As many scientists agree: we have a natural daily need to do so, as well as the comfort we feel being a part of a larger mission.

When asked why this project is so important to him, Sander simply answers “ Because we’re in this together.”


Chief Technology Officer

J.C. is the Chief Technology Officer of Inlokality. He brings over 20 years of engineering and leadership experience to the company.

As CTO, J.C. is responsible for evolving the cloud technology strategy, scaling IT systems and infrastructure, and driving execution on the overall roadmap.

J.C. is passionate about helping companies realize and achieve their full potential with high customer engagement and a well thought-out technological blueprint. He has a strong reputation for his leadership and team-building skills, constantly inspiring team members to work and collaborate together.

J.C. exudes enthusiasm for overcoming challenges and employs a strong work ethic, one that is synonymous with the Inlokality vision. Arriving in the United States from El Salvador with only $100 and the clothes on his back, J.C. managed to build a very successful career in technology. He is an embodiment of the American Dream.